Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Canon Printer Error Code 5 156 61 Solution

Yesterday i had big problem while trying to scan a document via Canon MG2440 ,the following window popped up when i clicked scan 

i searched in the web for almost two hours and i came up with nothing !!

honestly i don't know why i got this error BUT i tried here and there till i came up with a solution :)
 it may not be the official one but at least it worked !!

if you have the same problem as mine try following the coming steps because it might work for you too 

1- open control panel --> hardware and devices -->devices and printers
2-then click on your printer's name (make sure your printer is connected to the computer)

4- click on scan photo or document, follow the regular steps and your document will be scanned !! 

I hope it works for you all =)